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  1. where is the kitchen

    bobby Beaulieu 2 years ago Reply
    • There is no kitchen in this ADU. The client is using the space as an office and in-law suite!

      aliquarterlab 2 years ago Reply
  2. Could a kitchen be put in?

    Nina 2 years ago Reply
    • Yes! Currently this space is spec’d as an Accessory Dwelling Unit. We customize our homes to fit our clients needs, so yes! We could definitely design it with a kitchen (most likely in that little office nook off the side of the house).

      aliquarterlab 2 years ago Reply
  3. Where is the bedroom?

    Dolores Baryski 2 years ago Reply
    • The space is created to serve any function. At the moment it is an office/guest house/ creative space. There are no bedroom walls, but you can easily fit a bed, couch, table etc!

      aliquarterlab 2 years ago Reply

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