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We love what we do.

QuarterLab Design Build is a unique full service firm specializing in all of your design and construction needs.  We started out of a desire for our affordable, efficient, and stylish flip projects, and have found a niche for turnkey tiny homes in the design & build industry. We now offer a variety of specialized renovation packages and styles to ensure you feel the heart in your home.  

Meet the team.

Stan Hajost   Owner  With a background and a 20 year career in Chemistry in the semiconductor industry, Stan Hajost started renovating and flipping homes as a hobby. With his first construction project completed in 1997, It only took 19 years to turn his passion into a full time business in design and build. With a keen eye for design and comfortable unique aesthetics, Stan has transformed and built dozens of homes and structures for his Austin clients, and accredits his hard work to the many talented designers and craftsmen who have assisted him over the years.

Ali Swidler  Design & Marketing  Ali studied to be a journalist, but since childhood, she found a hobby in re-organizing her friends’ living spaces. It was not long before she turned this obsession into a career, working in the NYC design industry for over a decade. After seeking out a much-needed change of pace from the hustle and bustle, Ali did a 180, and hopped over to Roatan Honduras in 2015 to work on a four month hospitality project. This little life changing hiccup lasted a year, and by the time Ali adjusted to beach life, island time, and regular power outages, she was ready to make her move back stateside.  Now enjoying the weirdness of Atx, Ali brings over 12 years of Design and Construction experience in spaces small and large to QuarterLab. You can check out Ali’s work here!  www.aliswidlerdesigns.com

Katie Daniels Designer   Kate is a native Texan with a penchant for collecting hobbies and antiques. She graduated UT with a degree in Anthropology but went on to work as a veterinary technician for several years. Traipsing around California a bit, she inevitably came back to her roots and settled down with two kids, a husband, and too many dogs. Kate was first a client, daresay a guinea pig, for one of our finest dwelling units and began freelancing for QuarterLab. The finished product of our first project together is a testament for how well our design styles meshed. Now adding design contracting to her ever growing repertoire of creative projects, she also owns and runs an online vintage and antique textiles shop that does pop-ups around Austin catering to anyone willing to take a chance on an old elaborate kilim rug or vintage flag.  www.catalpashop.com

Elliot French  Crew   Originally from Long Island, Elliott transplanted down to Austin in 2012. After being brought up in the construction industry, he decided to take chance and make his way down south to pursue a degree in Journalism at Texas State University. Once he completed his degree he realized that he missed the tactile and humbling work of building. Once Elliott connected with QuarterLab, he knew this was the type of work he wanted to do. When he's not hammering away at QuarterLab, he likes to spend his time quoting Indiana Jones and driving around with his dog in his 1999 4runner. Even though he's the small guy on the crew he keeps things interesting with his big personality.

Mark Sheedy  Crew   Mark hails from the small West Texas town of Big Spring. There he worked as a pizza delivery boy, snow cone vendor, furniture delivery truck driver, Coca-Cola bottling factory worker and on a chainsaw wielding brush clearing crew. After high school he attended the University of North Texas and earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Mark then moved to Austin and worked the next ten years in the health insurance industry as a business analyst. After a traumatic birth experience left his wife and daughter hospitalized for a month, Mark knew that life was too short to spend it climbing the corporate ladder in a career he never really liked. So he reached out to QuarterLab and luckily they took a chance on him. Despite the constant teasing from coworkers for his “advanced age” and being a “Jack of All Trades-Master of None,” Mark has never been happier.

Aaron Johnson  Crew    Originally from Chico CA, Aaron (Vernon) Johnson moved to San Diego CA shortly after high school.  Aaron spent 7 years  working retail and attending The Art Institute. With family in Austin, Aaron found it a logical choice to settle down to try something new in 2013. Aaron spent the next four years as the personal assistant to a CEO in Austin's high tech industry.  Luckily, QuarterLab met up with Aaron as he was transitioning between jobs at the beginning of 2017.  QuarterLab needed an extra pair of hands and Aaron didn't mind the filler work between interviews with other high tech companies.  After working together a few short weeks, Aaron discovered he loved what he was doing.  By week three, one of those interviews paid off with a job offer.  In a surprise move, Aaron turned down the office job and the rest is history. We're glad he did, Aaron has advanced quickly with a keen eye for detail and finish out.  Aaron once said "you know, I was always the guy that friends called if something was broken.  I just never thought I could actually make a job of it."

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