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We offer a wide range of architectural planning, design, and building services.

From spatial design and material selection to producing a full set of architectural plans to building your ideal home, we do it all.

If you already have an architect for your project, we would love to work with them!

We’re happy to split up work with an architect in any way you choose. Just make sure you have a full set of plans before bidding!

Of course, we hope you’ll be happy with our work; however, you can stop working with us at any time during design process, and any designs up to that point, are yours to keep.

Our hours are from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

We value our work/life balance and don’t like to make a habit of answering calls off hours unless planned.

Emails are always the best form of communication but may not be answered until the following business day.


We offer a FREE 45-minute consultation with one of our experienced designers to discuss the scope of your project before committing to anything.

We have three preliminary steps:

     1) Investigating

Including, but not limited to, researching floodplains, improper property subdivision, building setbacks, and any other legal obstacle preventing the proposed construction.

*Any city fees for waivers, surveys, or other documentation will be billed separately.

     2) Digital rendering

Detailed measurements will be taken so the data can be entered into our architectural software to build a digital version of your home plan.

You’ll receive a spatial layout, a 2D floor plan, and animated 3D renderings.

     3) Brainstorming

We’ll collect groups of images you like via Pinterest or Houzz to help give us a clear idea of your style and aesthetic.

After the design retainer has been paid and the standard residential design contract signed, we’ll start the design process.

In order to bid out a project, we require a set of 24x36 printed architectural plans.

If you’re working with an architect, they can call in a set of prints to a local print shop for us to pick up.

Otherwise, we’ll call them in and you’ll be invoiced for the printing fees.

We start with signing a standard working contract. Upon signing, we will set you up with a login to our “co-construct” software and app, our cloud based program allowing us to communicate, view all documents, designs, and schedules, and submit payments. After our design “sign off,” we will start the bidding process!

Making a change to the plans after they’ve been signed off on is possible, but discouraged.

Any and all changes to the plans during the build process will incur a flat fee of $125 per occurrence plus $85 per hour to update plans.

It’s important to stick to your original plans, only changing them if absolutely necessary.


All billing for design work will be sent through our billing software QuickBooks, and you will be able to pay online using an electronic check or credit card.

We never ask for pre-payment during the build process; however, we do ask that all invoices are paid upon receipt. Invoices that go beyond 72 hours without payment will incur a late fee of $50 per day.

We send invoices on a weekly basis (usually on Friday) for the work done and materials purchased that week.

We’ll share a budget spreadsheet with you over CO CONSTRUCT so you can see where we are in the project.

Our design service rate is $85 per hour. We’ll give you an estimated number of design hours needed to accomplish your project before we start.

We require a 3-hour minimum ($255) on design, which is considered our retainer. That fee must be paid upfront before design work can begin and is non-refundable.

The remainder of the design work will be billed by the hour to the client.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the market today and the high demand for our services, we have to sort between clients who are ready to move forward vs. those who are undecided.

$2 per page on 11x17 and $6 per page on 24x36.

No, it’s included in your costs!

Our bid is FREE.

We encourage all our potential clients to get at least two more bids in addition to ours so they can make the most informed decision possible.

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