Gabby Wong

Fabrication Shop Manager


Gabby grew up on Long Island, NYC sailing along the coast. She was a sailing instructor and fixed boats— she loved working with her hands so much that she would frequently skip classes in high school to sneak into the woodshop to build furniture.

She made the big move to Texas to attend UT Austin and studied to become a rocket scientist. On the side, she became a woodworking apprentice and worked as a woodshop instructor at UT’s Makerspace.

After finishing her degree in Aerospace engineering, she got a job as an interior engineer at Cessna Aircraft where she worked on engineering custom private jets. After work, she would work on her small custom plant furniture business.

While designing and building furniture into the late hours of the night in her garage, she realized that woodworking was a true passion of hers and decided to change her career.

She’s now back in Austin as the shop manager for QuarterLab, and you can find her on her off days sailing at Lake Travis, hoarding plants, and constantly moving furniture around in her apartment (sorry neighbors).